YouTube – it’s huge, and it’s come a long long way in the past 5 or so years. Whatever you choose to use it for, if you’re a YouTube publisher, you’ll have at least some experience with editing your videos before uploading them – but how do you decide what’s best – a finely edited video that has every little imperfection corrected, with flashy intros and outros, or raw, unedited footage with mistakes and “bloopers” left intact?

Well, if you’re a long established YouTuber, you’ll probably know your audience, if they like to see all of the mistakes, unedited footage, then thats what you should stick with, if they like a finely honed video with pretty overlays and CGI, then stick with that, however, if you’re a new YouTuber, it’s not quite as simple as that – what your target audience will like to see will depend on what you’re posting;

Are you a:

  • Vlogger?
  • Tutorial/Guide creator?
  • Gamer?
  • Product Reviewer?
  • Singer/Musician?
  • Something else?

Vloggers often leave in mistakes, as long as you haven’t gone off talking for 30 minutes and not really said anything with any value, chances are you can leave your videos unedited (apart from stitching together smaller clips), but if you’re a singer and your music is too high/low or your mic hasn’t worked then you’re going to want to do some form of editing – likewise, if you’ve created a tutorial and missed a step, it’s often easier to record that step and edit it in, or add a text overlay or image to add this step in, rather than re-recording the entire video!

Some types of video are best when left untouched, for example, some of the best dashcam videos on Youtube have been uploaded directly from the dashcams themselves, and have never been near a piece of editing software, whilst some product reviewers heavily edit their videos to add in close-ups of the products, time lapse videos of product assembly, or even unpacking.

So, if you’re starting out and not sure what works – check out some of the bigger YouTubers in the niche you’re entering, whether that be Vlogging, reviewing, or even social eating(!), you should get a good idea of what works, but don’t be afraid to add your own twist to it – you never know, it might just become the new best thing!


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