It has been many years now since we only had one or 2 platforms to worry about when it came to producing content, everything from applications, to websites, and of course video editing.

The amount of different operating system versions has increased by a huge amount, back when Windows 98 was the norm, we only had a couple of versions to worry about – 98 and 95, good old 3.1 wasn’t really a worry, as the network capabilities on the 3.11 “for workstations” wasn’t really used widespread, ever!

So we had Windows to contend with, and of course linux and mac, however, these were far from common and you could probably get away with ignoring them and not lose a massive portion of your viewer base.. ah, the good old days.

Those days are gone of course, we now have iOS, MacOSX in it’s various guises, Windows (many, many versions – I can count 7 actual versions, not including the major service packs!), and of course the new big player, Android. Not only do we have the operating systems to contend with, they’re also used on many different platforms, take Android as an example – this is used on many many devices, just some of which are;

And many more I can’t think of, off the top of my head!

It’s not just Android either, MacOSX has their iOS for Smartphones, and of course a version for Apple TV tv boxes, and of course the ipad, the macbook (and other laptop versions) and of course Apple workstations.

So, that being said – what’s the best video format to reach all of these different platforms without having to release multiple different video formats? Probably, you’re going to be looking at mp4 – however, if you want to create your videos in your personal favourite format and let someone else worry about the compatability side of things, you can just upload to one of the many popular video hosts, Vimeo, Youtube and the like, almost any device created in the past 10 years is able to access these sites and view the videos in the format that the site presents them in.

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