This one won’t be for everyone – if you don’t run a gaming website, or at least have a brand related to gaming, then of course you’re not going to be using gaming footage to promote your site, but what if you run a website such as – a website which runs a host of Fifa Leagues online, then using video and harnessing the power of YouTube can be a great way to encourage prospective users to visit your website.

The videos can be anything related to the game, take for example the below video which relates to Fifa 17’s new career journey mode;

This video isn’t related directly to playing Fifa online competetively, but it does relate to Fifa 17, and people are going to actively look for, and watch the video, so posting something like this, and making a reference to your website, and what it does, in the video description is a great way to drive relevant, convertible traffic to your website.

Another way a website which specialises in gaming can promote their site, is to post actual videos of Gameplay their community has taken part in, whether it is a new raid dungeon in World of Warcraft, or an exceptionally good round of H1Z1, you’re going to draw in viewers, and of course, this in turn means you can namedrop your website – try advertising your website in the intro or outro of your video, as well as in the comments – perhaps incentivise users to visit, offer tips on playing the game or some other sought after information on a page on your website – you’ll soon increase your site visitors!

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