Watching videos online is now just as normal as sending an email, or reading the news, and most of us will go direct to sites such as to look for whatever videos we want to watch, but did you know, you can embed a Youtube video direct in your website?

Did you also know, that doing so can actually provide an SEO benefit to your site? This is because Google and other search engines don’t only index and list web pages, they also do the same for videos, so it’s well worth posting relevant videos in your blog posts or web pages, especially if the videos were created by you!

Embedding a video from Youtube in WordPress is very very simple, gone are the days where you needed special plugins, or coding knowledge in order to display a video in your post, simply paste the Youtube video link in your post and it will embed automatically!

So, SEO is a clear benefit, but there are other benefits too – users love videos, video guides especially are easy to follow along, offering up visual representation of each step, and can be paused as and when needed.

You may also find that pages with videos receive more social shares, as people share the page to the likes of Facebook or Twitter for their friends and family to watch – watching  a video takes a lot less effort than reading through a text heavy article, and many sites these days now offer both a video, and an article which explains the same thing!

The next time you’re creating a video, think about embedding it on your website with an accompanying article – and likewise, the next time you decide to create a new article on your website, have a think – could a video benefit the article or help to explain what you’re trying to get across? If so, it may be worth investing that extra time creating, and embedding a video – the benefits are clear to see, so don’t miss out.

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